We build great software development teams!

Work with us to grow or build trustworthy, independent, capable and motivated teams

Some of our clients

Working with JuniorMind was a great experience. The team there is focused on being a true partner and finding ways to address any incoming challenge. Their innovative business model and proposition fully delivered on the promise and enabled us to grow our company software development team with very engaged new members.

Rareș Vasilescu - VP Product Development at SDL

Building teams

Building a team can take time and money.

We can handle the entire process, from finding the right people to training them directly on your projects.

Thanks to our experience and to the processes we developed over time we can prepare people in a short amount of time and at affordable prices.

We can also cover the project development during the training, up to the point where the team is fully capable of handling the project at 100%.

Software development

We have over 15 years of software development experience in various areas.

We can help you develop modern applications using the latest technologies.

  • Web development (front-end & back-end)
  • Mobile apps development (Android & iOS)
  • Performance critical applications in C or C++
  • Native Windows applications
  • Prototyping

Software maintenance

We can maintain your existing software.

  • Bug tracking and fixing
  • Extending functionality
  • Performance optimization
  • Software modernization
  • Automating the testing and development processes